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Any Resemblance to Actual Persons


When Paul McWeeney’s older sister writes a book accusing their late father of committing the gruesome Black Dahlia murder, based on memories her new therapist has helped her recover, or imagine, he sits down to write a cease and desist letter to the publishers. Paul hopes to refute his sister’s claims about their father’s role in the infamous 1947 murder, arguing for his own divergent memory of their Hollywood childhood by way of defending their father’s name and legacy. But the letter begins to take on a life of its own, and Paul, a failed novelist and community college writing instructor, soon finds himself on an obsessive, elliptical exploration of both his family’s history and his own conflicted memory, which begins to absorb his daily life and threaten his relationships with those closest to him. The letter becomes not the intended refutation but rather a disturbing and wildly comical psychological self-portrait of man caught between increasingly unstable versions of the past.

“It’s quite a funny book, by turn broad and sly, and occasionally, it’s shocking…Through it all, though, we empathize with his travail.”


“Digression becomes an art form and an unexpected path to truth in this beautiful debut novel by Kevin Allardice. ANY RESEMBLANCE TO ACTUAL PERSONS is a funny, sad, and profound book.”

-Matthew Sharpe


“A giddy and delirious romp through the back (bowling) alleys of memory, ANY RESEMBLANCE TO ACTUAL PERSONS shows why history should always be written by the losers—by those obsessive failed actors who either can’t or won’t untangle themselves from the cat’s cradle of their own fictional constructions. If every life is, at bottom, a furious battle for authorship, then this hilarious first novel looks to be a winner by knock-out.”

-Robert Cohen



Kevin Allardice

Nathaniel Jacks
Agent – Inkwell Management